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    5th Grade (Skibo & Snow)


    E-LEARNING DAY #1: 9/21/2020

    You will be creating a name/line design project based on the Togolese artist Joseph Amedokpo.

    Here is the video with all the instructions:

    Joseph Amedokpo Art Project

    You will need a paper, black permanent marker or regular black marker, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pencil, and your creativity!

    Have fun with this project.

    Due date: 9/21 or 9/22 via upload to Artsonia.



    When your student(s) has me for art, they will be using their classroom teacher's link where I will join the meeting and take over for their art class. Below are the links for Mr. Snow & Mrs. Skibo in case there is a disconnection.

    • Mrs. Skibo's Art Class time is on Mondays at 9:55 am.

           Click here to be connected to the live art class.

    • Mr. Snow's Art Class time is on Mondays at 8:45 am.

           Click here to be connected to the live art class.

    I will be posting any lessons, resources, etc. on the Google Classroom. I have sent all the students an invite but if they do not receive it they may access it from here. 


    Class code: 4jpluiw

    I will also be using the Remind app to communicate with students and/or parents. Click HERE to join the 5th-Grade art group!


    When your child/children have to turn in an art assignment, they will do so by uploading it to Artsonia. It's an online portfolio that keeps it all in one spot, and not in my inbox. Most of you used it during the spring extended e-learning. I'll have project folders up for you to select where it goes!