eLearning 1/28/2019

  • As a coder I can:

    1. Develop appropriate algorithms using pseudo-code (work in a simplified coding program such as Scratch or other such programs)

    1. Write code to implement algorithms (create coding projects)

    ASSIGNMENT Due 1-31-2018

    Good morning Coders!

    Your assignment for today will be called Dream Job 1 and Dream Job 2.

    For your theme, choose a job, any job that you would like to work when you get out of high school. In this job you will code a new product for the company. What will it be? What will it look like? You can be as creative as you like!

    You will create 2 projects and they will both will use any 15 blocks you choose.

    First, sign in to Scratch, click your username, click My Stuff, click create in the upper left hand corner.

    Then open a second browser and click scratch, then choose a studio to use as a guide.

    For each project, add a different backdrop, 6 Sprites with 15 blocks per Sprite and both projects must be different.

    Three of the Sprites must be coded with 15 blocks.

    Please be sure to click See Inside, then create. Do not Remix or you will not get points for your work.

    If you haven't done so already, part of your assignment today is to screenshot your assignment from Wednesday and send it to my email address and be sure to send the pic of "See Inside" that shows the name of your work. Also send a screenshot of this and all of your eLearning assignments when you are finished and send to my email. I would like to see your creations!

    I will be available if you need assistance, just emaile me at gdavis01@mcas.k12.in.us