• All students participate in National History Day through creating independent history research projects for their social studies classes.

    This is a very important classroom assignment! Students work on it from the beginning of December until the end of January. It will go in the gradebook for 100 points as a Test grade.



    7th grade topics: Pakistan

    8th grade topics: Any topic related to Refugees



    Students have the option of working individually or in a small group (3 people). After researching their topic and finding 12 sources (primary and secondary) they can choose to present their research in the following categories:

    • Paper (only individually)
    • Exhibit (individually or group)
    • Performance (individually or group)
    • Documentary (individually or group)
    • Website (individually or group)



    Barker's History Fair will be held January 15-17, 2020

    Students can advance to the Regional Fair at John Young Middle School in Mishawaka on Februrary 22, 2020.

    State Qualifying Projects are on April 25, 2020 in Indianapolis, IN.

    • At the state contest, there are opportunities for cash and scholarship prizes.


    Contest Book:

    The Contest Book contains all the rules/expectations for each category of research projects. All the rules in this book must be followed to meet national guidelines.

    Students need to only pay attention to certain pages if they are producing a:

    • Paper (only individually) - use pgs. 20-23
    • Exhibit - use pgs. 23-26
    • Performance use pgs. 26-28
    • Documentary - use pgs. 28-31
    • Website - use pgs. 31-35

    Contest Book can be located here.


    Judging Sheets/Rubric:

    Below are the sheets judges (myself, teachers, administrators, other community members) will use to judge students projects.

    Click the links below to access the judging sheet for project categories.


    Interview Questions:

    Here is the link to a list of interview questions the judges might ask you to help you prepare. You are expected to have responses prepared. You will not be allowed to have notecards. Judges might ask all the questions on this document or just a few questions. This is to prepare you for public speaking. 


    Project Examples: 

    National Award winning projects can be found here to help inspire!


    ***Special Note: Website Category

    Any students creating a website to present their research, needs to please use the website https://website.nhd.org/.

    This is a free website maker. It is simple to sign up and navigate. 


    Thank you for taking the time to go through these resources and work successfully on your history projects. This is a great way for students to independently invest in historical topics, learn research skills, and use STEM practices with social studies.