E-Learning Day 2/13/2020

  • Geography:

    I can... read and analyze the landform regions found in North Africa. 

    Lesson Description

    1. Log onto Google Classroom.

    2. Read 21-1.pdf posted under this week's agenda

    3. Complete "Ch 21 Sec 1 Questions E-Learning 2/13/20" while reading.

    Work to be turned in: Ch 21 Sec 1 Questions E-Learning 2/13/20.



    AP Human Geography:

    I can... read and analyze urbanization and urban networks. 

    Lesson Description

    1. Log onto the McGraw-Hill website to access the textbook if you do not have one at home. 

    2. Read 13D-13F.

    3. Complete the packet pages that correspond with 13D-13F. 


    Work to be turned in: Chapter 13 packet.