• Elearning - December 9, 2019                                                                                     



    I can... work on my standards for each of the areas in mathematics.

    Complete 30 minutes of iReady math.



    I can... work on the definitions for the new word wall words and know there definitions.

    Find the definition for the following words;  delicate, ridiculous, runt, chaperone, inanimate, and inconvenient and write down their definitions.

    Read your libray book and take the AR test.



    I can... write an organized essay citing text from articles describing the pollution problems of the earth and how they can be addressed.

    Remember and use the article we read on Friday about water and the problems with plastic.



    Social studies

    I can list the major issues and facts about our neighbor country Mexico.

    Write an essay on Mexico and tell why or why not you would like to go there.