Elearning Day

Elearning Day - Music

  • eLearning Day - Tuesday, 11/12/19


    Kindergarten, 2nd Grade

    Today you will be practicing the closing song from our up-coming musical (December 19th!) 'Go Fish!'. With mom and dad, grandma or grandpa, brother or sister, you will practice the lyrics to the song "The Colors of the Sea" (below). IMPORTANT! Kindergarten and 1st grade only sing the 'Refrain' and 'Coda', 2nd grade sings it ALL! After you feel you know the words well enough, try adding the melody that goes with them and now sing them to your family member!  Upon completion of this task, bring me a note with "The Colors of the Sea" written on top with your first and last name, classroom teacher's name and the family member's name (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, etc.) that you worked on this with! 


    "The Colors of the Sea"

    (Verse 1 - 2nd grade)

    Take a look around you, purple red and white,

    everything so perfect, everything so right.

    In each passing tide, beams a radient hue,

    sparkling rays of sunlight, yellow, green and blue.


    (Refrain - K, 1st, 2nd Grades)

    The colors of the sea, run together so naturally.

    The colors of the sea, show the beauty in you,

    and the beauty in me.


    (Verse 2 - 2nd Grade)

    Look into the ocean, near the sandy shore.

    Like a magic rainbow, differences give us more.

    Painted by the sun, see the water glow.

    Never hide from sunlight, let your colors show.


    (Refrain - above - K, 1st, 2nd Grades)


    (Bridge - 2nd Grade)

    No two friends are ever the same.

    Each is special it's true.

    You have something that makes you shine,

    there inside of you, that comes through.


    (Refrain - above - K, 1st, 2nd Grades)


    (Coda - K, 1st, 2nd Grades)

    Shows the beauty in you, and the beauty in me.


    eLearning Extras for ALL K, 1st and 2nd Graders!

    'Go Fish!' Songs & lyrics to practice with!!

    "Oceans of Fun"

    "We're Sharks!"

    "Commotion in the Ocean"

    "Roundup Under the Sea"

    "The Colors of the Sea"



    4th, 6th, G/T

    More Rock and Roll History!

    4th graders - You will be continuing work on your projects that are due on November 21st! Continue your research on your artist searching youtube.com for additional recordings that you find interesting. On a piece of paper write your first and last name as well as your classroom teacher's name. 1. Write down three internet addresses of recordings you viewed (I need to be able to view them as well!) telling me 'artist name' and 'song title' as well as a sentence or two describing each recording (what you liked or didn't like). Turn the paper in to me on Wednesday!  



    6th Graders and G/T - You will once again be learning and broadening your knowledge of Rock and Roll, the music of America! You will be spending your time learning about Sam Phillips and Sun Records and their importance in the history of Rock and Roll!  Go to the links below about Sam Phillips and Sun Records reading/exploring their connection to rock and roll history. On a piece of paper write your first and last name as well as your classroom teacher's name. Now, tell me what you've learned.  Write a paragraph or more describing the impact that Sam Phillips and his Sun Records had on rock and roll music! Don't forget to turn in your paper to Mr. Chambers on Wednesday!


    Sam Phillips - Rockhall.com

    Sun Records

    Want to see Sun Records? Take the tour!

    Sun Records Tour - 30 minutes