Good morning and welcome to our E-Learning Day! Please complete the assignments throughout the day so we can continue our scheduled lessons once we return to school. I will be available throughout the day via e-mail, jkorpak@mcas.k12.in.us, or Class Dojo if you have questions.

  • Due 10/3.

    E-Learning I Can Statements:


    I Can...

    I can ask questions about key details in a text.

    I can answer questions about what happens in a text.

    I can demonstrate my understanding of a text by asking and answering questions.


    Steps of the lesson...

    Watch Jubal's Wish Read Aloud.  Click the link below.

    Jubal's Wish


    Work to be turned in...

    Answer Questions on piece of paper to turn into your teacher.

    1. What is the plot of the story?  Remember the plot is the beginning, middle and end of a story.

    2. How is Jubal different from Gerdy Toad?

    3. Did Jubal's wish come true?  Use details from the text to support your answer.

    4. Write down one thing you are wondering about the story.  Begin your sentence with, "I wonder..."

    5. Make a question you can ask your classmates about the story.



    I Can...

    I can identify even and odds numbers.


    Steps of the Lesson...

    Watch the video.  

    Even and Odd Numbers


    Work to be turned in...  on a separate sheet of paper.

    Roll two dice and add the dots.  Write the answer and tell if that number is even or odd.  Repeat activity ten times.





    I Can...

    I can write sentences about a topic and use correct capitilization, punctuation and spelling.


    Steps of the Lesson...  Watch the videos.

    Write and Edit a Sentence

    Editing Your Writing


    Work to be turned in...

    Write five complete sentences about your favorite things to do on a autumn day.  When you are finished writing, don't forget to edit your writing and make sure you do not have any mistakes.



    I Can...

    I can complete lessons on iReady at my level of ability.


    Steps of the Lesson...

    Work for 20 minutes on iReady Reading.

    Work for 20 minutes on iReady Math.

    Log into Clever


    Work to be turned in...

    You do not need to turn in any work. I can look at the report on the website to make sure minutes have been completed.


    Social Studies

    I Can...

    I can explain how supply and demand works.


    Steps of the Lesson... Watch the video.

    Supply and Demand


    Work To Be Turned In...

    On a separate sheet of paper answer these questions.

    1. What is supply?

    2. What is demand?

    3. If there is a high demand for a toy, but not a lot of supply, will the toy be expensive or cheap?  Why?




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