E-Learning Monday February 18, 2019

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    For our E Learning Days, we will utilize our Google Classroom, our online e-textbook, and the companion website. Please make sure your child is checking Google Classroom whenever an e-learning day occurs. Additionally, Google Classroom is utilized on a weekly basis in our classroom. Students can find assignments, lesson plans, resources, presentations, and other related materials. Parents, if you would like access to the Google Classroom, please send me an email at jgoss@mcas.k12.in.us providing me with your name, child's name and your email address and I will get you added ASAP. Thank you!

    Important Links: Google Classroom AM   Google Classroom PM     Online E-Text     Textbook Companion Site

    The username and password for accessing the Online E-Text are as follows: 

    username: mchs20

    password: teach16

    On e-learning days, all instructions will be posted in Google Classroom. All of my students are VERY familiar with how to utilize it. Assignments may very from reviewing a chapter slide show and answering questions, to posting on a discussion forum, reading a linked article, etc. Again, all instructions and related links will be posted and students are expected to complete their class work within in the allotted time frame. 

    Monday February 18, 2019 - 21st Century Skills Assignment 

    Introduction - Last week we discussed 21st Century Skills. You may recall that 21st Century Skills are grouped into 3 categories -- Learning Skills, Literacy Skills, and Life Skills.
    Instructions - For today's assignment, you will need to do your own research on 21st Century Skills and then create a Google Slide show presentation with the information you have gathered.
    Slide Show Requirements - Your slide show is required to have a introduction slide with the title of your presentation, your name, date, and the name of our class; 3 slides to introduce each of the 3 categories and the skills that fall into those categories, and a closing slide. Additionally, you need to identify and define/explain each individual skill and provide examples or personal experiences to show why these skills are important to education. **if you cannot access Google Classroom, you may do your slide show using Powerpoint or Google Slides through your homeschool account. Please be sure to share your presentation with me if you have gone this route. 
    Reminder - Please do not hesitate to contact me for assistant or further instruction. I am available via the remind app, google classroom, and email. Please use the attached Google Slide show as it is set up to give each of you your own copy to edit as needed.

    See below for links to past e-learning days.

    If you or your child is not able to access our Google Classroom, I am attaching each day's assignment in Word form below. 

    Friday January 25, 2019 Assignment → Writing Instructional Objectives

    Monday January 28, 2019 Assignment -- please list and define the content and academic terms for Chapter 11

    Tuesday January 29, 2019 Assignment → Initiatives in Curriculum Development 

    Wednesday January 30, 2019 Assignment → Lesson Planning 101 Research

    Thursday January 31, 2019 Assignment → Compare&Contrast Bloom, Marzano, and Webb

    If students and/or parents need assistance or have questions, I can be reached via email at jgoss@mcas.k12.in.us

    I will be available from 9am till 3pm on each E Learning Day.