E-Learning March 16, 2020

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    For our E Learning Days, we will utilize our Google Classroom, our online e-textbook, and the companion website. Please make sure your child is checking Google Classroom whenever an e-learning day occurs. Additionally, Google Classroom is utilized on a weekly basis in our classroom. Students can find assignments, lesson plans, resources, presentations, and other related materials. Parents, if you would like access to the Google Classroom, please send me an email at jgoss@mcas.k12.in.us providing me with your name, child's name and your email address and I will get you added ASAP. Thank you!

    Important Links:  Online Textbook     Textbook Companion Site

    The username and password for accessing the Online E-Text are as follows: 

    username: mchs20

    password: teach16

    On e-learning days, all instructions will be posted in Google Classroom. All of my students are VERY familiar with how to utilize it. Assignments may very from reviewing a chapter slide show and answering questions, to posting on a discussion forum, reading a linked article, etc. And overview and instructions for the e-learning assignment are posted below along with a microsoft word version of the assignment in case there is an issue with students opening up the Google Doc posted in Goolge Classroom. 



     Monday March 16, 2020

    Good morning everyone! Here we are -- day one of extended e-learning. For today (Monday 3/16/2020), please comment below telling me your favorite color for attendance. Secondly, the link attached is for your assignment today. You have a vocab quiz to complete via google forms. Let me know if you have any questions.