E-Learning Day 10/11/2019

  • Geography:

    I can... review and summarize all of the topics learned about in the first quarter. 

    Lesson Description

    1. Open and complete "GHW First Quarter Midterm" on Google Classroom.

    2. Study your oceans and continents using the game posted on Google Classroom.

    3. Be prepared to finish the second half of the test on Monday. You will have to identify all oceans and continents. 

    Work to be turned in: "GHW First Quarter Midterm" on Google Classroom.


    AP Human Geography:

    I can... read, identify and analyze key ideas and concepts in Chapter 5. 

    Lesson Description

    1. Complete the reading, packet and flashcards for chapter 5.  

    2. Study and come to class prepared to succeed on your chapter 5 test and FRQ on Monday!

    Work to be turned in: Chapter 5 packet and flashcards on Monday.