• Monday, December 9, 2019

    Good morning all,

    Welcome to our 4th elearning day of the year.  

    I have assigned Moby Max lessons again for today.  There are 2 of each (math and reading) I think.  

    Do your best to get them done. 

    I will be at a meeting at the high school in the morning and then at Pine in the afternoon. 

    I will check my computer often if you have any questions.  Just email me or Dojo message me.

    Also try to watch CNN 10 and take notes.  

    We will NOT have a vocabulary unit this week since we have this today and then the One City One Sound on Thursday.  I am pretty sure none of you will be upset about this.

    Thanks, see you Tuesday. 

    Remember you are earning points for the bowling party on Dojo.   Keep up the good work.

    Mrs. Dombkowski


    I can statements:

    I can read passages and cite evidence to support answers to questions.

    I can...determine the meanings of words as they are used in correct sentences.

    I can demonstrate the ability to create mathmatical equations from data given.