Welcome, please click on the link to google classroom

Please click on the link for my google classroom.

  • Hello.  We are elearning because of Covid-19.  Mr. Dove will post all assignments on his google class and have zoom classes and live sessions.  There will be assignments posted on his google classroom.  School, for students, will be from 8:00-2:15.   All accomadations and ieps will be in place.  

    Thanks you,

    Mr. Dove 




    Here is my google classroom.  


    The class code is qe4typ7

    The assignments will be on the "Classwork" section. 

     Remember, if you want to use your text-to-speech feature on your chrome book for any of the assignments, click on the setting icon on your chrome book, and type in the word ACCESSIBILITY in the search bar.  Once there, click on Enable accessibility features.  Under text-to-speech, turn on the Enable ChromeVox(spoken feedback).  Next, turn on Enable select-to-speech option.  Once you do that, the directions are stated for how to use this feature.  Highlight the text you want to have read aloud, then press the search button + S, and it will be read to you.  Be sure you set the text-to-speech voice settings to a voice, speed, and loudness you want.    

    For a Calculator, which you can use on ALL math assignments, google calculator.  



    - For extra time, student will be given help the next school on e-learning if their iep accomadations say so.