e-learning day
  • Any questions regarding the e-learning assignment please use your school email account to reach me- I will be available via email from 9am to 3pm.
    For any technical problems on an E-Learning day call the Technology Help Dept at 873-2000 ext. 8359.

    Name of Class:  Credit Recovery 

     " I can read, listen to, & take notes on my tutorial."     
     " I can pass my lesson Mastery Test."

     Lesson Description: 

        Students will work on tutorials and complete mastery tests.  Students will have at least 60 minutes of time on task. 

     Lesson Steps: 

       1) Log into clever.com

       2) Go to "All Activities" and select the lesson module you are on.

       3) Read and listen to your tutorial lesson while taking notes on the lesson module.

       4) When you are finished with the entire lesson, take your Mastery Test.  

       5) Go on to the next tutorials and complete steps 3 and 4 above for each tutorial.