Snack and Beverage Standards

  • In an effort to address childhood obesity, the Office of Food Services has worked diligently on developing a Snack and Beverage Policy for food and drinks sold through our programs.

    Only products meeting this criteria will be sold.


    A serving must meet at least three of these four criteria:

    200 calories or less
    Less than 10% of calories for saturated fat 
    0 grams of trans-fat
    1g or more Dietary Fiber
    10% or more of at least one of these vitamins/nutrients:
    Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron


    Approved beverages include:

    100% Juice
    Fruit or vegetable based drinks with 100% real fruit or vegetable juice
    Isotonic beverages 
    Bottled Water, unsweetened
    Bottled Water, calcium fortified
    Plain and flavored lowfat and fat free milk
  • Apples