• Congratulations, Seniors!

    Each graduating senior will need to perform a Chromebook Wipe to use the Chromebook as a personal device. Google accounts will be available to graduating seniors until the middle of July each year. Please be sure to copy any wanted user data to a personal account or computer. You will not have access to files after the account is disabled.

    How to Reset your School issued Chromebook

                  (Graduating Seniors ONLY)

    1.  Turn off the Chromebook 

    2.  Press and hold Esc + Samsung Chromebook Refresh key + Power 


    (until a yellow exclamation point (!) is displayed.)


    3.  Press Ctrl + D to begin dev mode


    (You should now see the following screen)


    Then Press Enter

    The Chromebook will flash and show the following screen


    4.  Wait (1-2min)...

    The Chromebook will beep twice and restart to the "Welcome" screen


    Note: ​If you're unsuccessful with resetting your Chromebook, please try the following steps mentioned in this short how-to video or contact the Technology HelpDesk at 873-2000 ext. 8359.