• Medications

    Administration of Medication at School
    No medication shall be administered to a student without the written and dated consent of the student's parent. The consent of the parent shall be valid only for the period specified on the consent form and in no case longer than the current school or program year.

    Non-Prescription Medication
    All nonprescription medicine to be administered to a student must be accompanied by a statement describing the medicine, the dosage, and the time for it to be administered to the student. THIS FORM must be on file with the school nurse. (Click here for a PDF.)

    USDA-approved topical, non-aerosol sunscreen products are exempt from this requirement. A school employee may assist in applying the sunscreen with written permission of the student’s parent or guardian. A student may possess and use the above-described sunscreen product while at school and at school events.

    Note: Please see below for the policy on Low THC Hemp Extracts - a Physician's Prescription is required.

    Prescription Medication
    All prescription medicine, including injectable medicine, and all blood glucose tests by finger prick to be administered to a student must be accompanied by a physician's prescription, a copy of the original prescription, or the pharmacy label. If the medication is to be terminated prior to the date on the prescription, the written and dated consent or withdrawal of consent of the parent is required. THIS FORM form must be on file with the school nurse. (Click here for a PDF.

    No student shall be allowed to keep medicine at school except as provided by state law. Any medicine to be administered to a student shall be brought to either the principal's or school nurse's office where it will be kept in a secure place. The medication will be administrated to the student by the school nurse or a person designated by the school nurse or designated by the school principal.

    Medication shall be administered in accordance with the parent's statement (in the case of nonprescription medicine) or the physician's order (in the case of prescription medicine) only by a school nurse or other employee(s) designated in writing by the school principal. All administration of medicine shall be documented in writing. Any designated employee who is responsible for administering injectable insulin or a blood glucose test by finger prick shall receive proper training from a practitioner or a registered nurse and such training shall be documented in writing by the practitioner or registered nurse and kept on file in the school building office.

    Unused medicine by a student may be sent home through the student’s parent or an individual who is at least 18 years old and is designated in writing by the student’s parent to receive the medication. Unused medicine may be sent home with the student only with the written permission of the student’s parent.

    Low THC Hemp Extract
    Low THC Hemp Indiana law defines “low THC hemp extract” as a product:

    1.       derived from Cannabis sativa L., that meets the definition of industrial hemp;
    2.       that contains not more than three-tenths percent (0.3%) delta-9-THC (including precursors); and
    3.       that contains no other controlled substances.

    Prior to school personnel administering a low THC hemp extract substance, in addition to the above requirements, the following criteria must be met:

    1.       Parent/Guardian has provided the school with written permission to administer the product to his/her child and has verified that the product was acquired from a retailer that meets the requirements of state law;

    2.       Product is in the original packaging and is UNOPENED;

    3.       Student’s health care provider has provided the school with a prescription to administer the substance which includes the dose, route and time of administration- THIS FORM must be on file with the school nurse. (Click here for a PDF); and

    4.       Product has been approved by: (1) the federal Food and Drug Administration or the federal Drug Enforcement Agency as a prescription or over the counter drug or (2) meets the packaging requirements of state law.

    Low THC hemp extract substance must be in packaging that contains the information required by state law. A school nurse or other trained school personnel will determine if the packaging complies with the law prior to the low THC hemp extract being administrated.

    Legal Reference: IC 34-30-14, IC 20-33-8-13, IC 20-34-3-18, IC 20-34-3-22, IC 24-4-21, 511 IAC 7-36-9