• Student GAFE (Google Apps For Education)

    Account Guidelines

    Michigan City Area Schools

    Michigan City Area Schools provides all students with a Google Apps account (GAFE - Google Apps For Education). GAFE provides email and collaboration abilities for teachers and students. This account gives students access to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, and Google Classroom. The following guidelines for use have been established for all students.

    Guidelines for use:

    In conjunction with this document, the Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) has been written to address misuse and consequences related to the Google Apps tools (and all other technology services).

    ● Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) - This document covers how technology is and is not to be used in our educational setting. Parents and students both sign this document to indicate they have read and agree to the policies. A copy of the AUP is available on our website for reference.

    Parents and students are encouraged to review this document as needed. It can be found on our technology website at:


    Parent access to student Google Apps Account

    Student email accounts use the following pattern:

    ● The student’s username is: First Name Lastname @educatemc.net

    Example: Johnsmith@educatemc.net

    ● Their password is: their student ID Number

    ● Their email address is their First name Lastname @educatemc.net

    Example: Johnsmith@educatemc.net

    If a parent does not have their student’s ID number, this information can be provided by the

    main office of each school building or on Parent Access..

    School email can be accessed from the Michigan City Area Schools Learning Place website: