Schedule Conflicts


    Many students have multiple talents and interests they wish to develop or pursue through participation in Corporation-sponsored activities and groups. Since the Corporation's policy is to encourage such participation, the following guidelines have been established for dealing with potential schedule conflicts a student could experience when participating in more than one (1) activity.


                    A.            At the beginning of each semester or season, each staff member in charge of a credit course, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activity is to prepare a schedule for any practices, performances, or other after-school obligations involved in participation.

                    B.            By the first day of an activity, students are to be made aware of the schedule of any practices and performances as well as other obligations. Each staff-member-in-charge is to determine which, if any, students will have conflicts with other activities in which they wish to participate.

                    C.            When the activity or program begins, the students are to be informed of the following:

                                    1.            If a student is experiencing difficulty in deciding between activities, s/he should make contact with the building principal to discuss the alternatives rather than discuss it with the staff-members-in-charge. The principal will decide which activity has priority or will develop an alternative solution.

                                    2.            Under no circumstances is the student to be intimidated while making a decision by threats of penalties or future consequences.