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    My name is Mr. Ingle and I am one of four Student Support Service teachers at Krueger Middle School.
    I begin my day with Mrs. Vicari, co-teaching English and Language Arts for 7th grade students.
    After 1st block, I switch to Ms. Christensen's classroom to co-teach English and Language Arts for 8th grade students. For Math, I begin in Ms. Holley's classroom during 5th block with the 7th grade students and for the second half of the block I switch to Ms. Roger's classroom with the 8th grade students.  All four classrooms that I co-teach with utilize google classroom which may be accessed on E-Learning days as well from the home. I am available for students in order to accomodate Individualized Education Plans (IEP's) in my classroom. My classroom is located in the Library Office. My extension is 7429 
  • Mr. Ingle Meet the Teacher
    Hello and welcome! My name is Jesse Ingle, I am the Middle School Student Support Services teacher for the 7/8 team at Krueger. This is my great opportunity to explain the wonderful road I have taken to becoming a Teacher for the great MCAS. I graduated from Purdue North Central ( Before becoming PNW! ) with my bachelors degree in Psychology. Soon after graduation, I was eager to get myself into the community and work with children to solve various social and behavioral problems. I was able to intern with Keys Counseling, a Michigan City based company whom taught me the value in all children who need a helping hand from time to time. Post graduation I was hired by Swanson Center, a leading Laporte County Community Mental Health Center! Working with Swanson Center gave me the opportunity to utilize my skills to help as many children as I could. While working with Swanson Center, I frequented many schools within the district to work one on one as well as leading a social skills group for several children. Working in the schools became a quick passion and I knew I wanted to be a part of the MCAS family. Now being a part of such a great community, I am able to utilize my skills including patience and understanding with our bright youngsters to help motivate them to get back on track with their home schools and make better choices to become leaders in their community when they get older.
  • Contact me at:
    Email: jingle@mcas.k12.in.us
    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2061, ext. 7429