•     On any given day, you will see us engaged in a novel, working in literacy-based rotations, following the Units of Study writing program, collaborating in math stations, working on our Math flexibility through Number Talks, stretching our thinking with CARE math, investigating in our Science Kits, or learning more about Social Studies and Health.  Participation is probably my most used word in the classroom.  I expect all to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that we are given with a great education by participating and doing their part in the learning process.  I will do my part with preparing engaging, thoughtful lessons and I expect them to do their part by keeping an "always trying to improve" attitude, participating, and respecting our classroom and classmates.
         Please connect to our ClassDojo page.  This will keep you up-to-date with your child's daily behavior and serves as a quick communication tool and contains many pictures of our day.  In addition to that, please check your child's RDS often to stay up-to-date with their grades. Email me if you need your Parent Access Code for it.