• Weekly Homework

    Posted by Luci Mazac on 8/14/2021

    Each night, Monday through Thursday, there will be homework that will practice the skills that we are focusing on throughout the week.

    Typically, on Monday, the students will have to write their spelling words 4 times each.  In addition, there will be one two-sided worksheet with English Language Arts on one side and Math skills on the other side.  

    On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students will have English Language Arts and Math practice related to whatever skills we are working on throughout the week or review concepts. 

    On Thursday, the students will need to practice their spelling cycle words for Friday's test.  

    In addition to that, there will sometimes be homework related to Science, Social Studies, Life Skills, or any projects assigned throughout the year.  


    Students will get additional Reading or Math support each day from our wonderful Coolspring staff during Intervention Time.


    We are working on the Life Skills: KINDNESS and COMMUNICATION and are also working hard to earn a P.A.W. for exceptional behavior and leadership. 



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