Algebra 1 Honors

  • Classroom Guidelines / Syllabus

    Dr. Rory A. Boone

    Algebra I (Early College Program)


    Contact Information:

    219-873-2044 ext. 4581

    Room N107


    As a general rule if you are doing something that I feel is keeping us from teaching the class I will make you aware of it through the following procedures:


    Offense 1: Verbal Warning with redirection (I will tell you what to do instead of doing what you are doing)

    Offense 2: Verbal Warning with notice of potential consequence (I will tell you what will happen if you keep doing what you are doing)

    Offense 3: Consequence and small white pass to Assistant Principal’s office (consequences could include a detention, a referral, a lunch detention)


    Attendance: Students are expected to be in class every day. You are responsible for making up any and all work missed due to absences. We will provide you with the work, but it is not our responsibility to remind you to make up work.


    Tardiness: Students who are later than one minute to class without a valid pass must report to the administration office. No exceptions. You will be charged with an absence for any period in which you are more than one minute late.  Excessive absences will result in suspension, and eventually, expulsion according to district policy.  If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you will be considered tardy.  All tardies will accumulate. Consequences for excessive tardiness will be dealt with by administration according to the new rules in the student handbook.


    Passes: Restroom passes should only be used for emergencies. Use them wisely.


    Books: We will be using alternate resources for this course. If you wish to check out a textbook as a resource, please let me know!


    Assignment Policy:  All non-assessment work in this class is considered an assignment. If you use your time wisely in class, you should rarely have to take the assignment home. If you do not complete the assignment in class, it then becomes homework.


    Cheating: If you are caught cheating on any assignment for this class, it will result in a "0" for the assignment and may result in a failing grade for the grading period. It is not tolerated and in most cases will result in a discipline referral.


    Materials: Students should bring something to write with, a folder or binder, and a calculator to class. I reserve the right to ask you to take an item to your locker if I feel it interferes with your or others’ learning.


    Dress Code: Any student not in compliance with the dress code will be sent to the office immediately.


    Electronics:  Cell phones or any other electronic devices are not allowed in class. DO NOT ASK TO PLUG IN YOUR DEVICE DURING CLASS TIME.  


    No food or drinks are allowed in our classroom.  If you bring them, you will lose them.



                            A: 100-90                   Grading Period Breakdown           Semester Breakdown:

                            B: 89-80                     Assignments: 30%                      Grading Period 1:  40%

                            C: 79-70                     Assessments: 70%                      Grading Period 2:  40%

                            D: 69-60                                                                       Final Exam:          20%

                            F: 59 and below