• All-City Boys & Girls Track

    Check back later for more information! 

  • Eligibility: 
    •  GPA must be 1.5 or higher 
    • There are no try outs for track, anyone can join with a physical and qualifying GPA. There are tryouts for events. Everyone on the team will get to participate in at least one event. Who participates in which event will be determined by the coaches. Placement in events is subject to change based on performance and behavior. 
    • Poor behavior, slipping grades, and not following the code of conduct can result in being kicked off the team. 
    Sports Physicals:
    Please make sure your current physical is on file with the AD at your school. He/She will enter it into Final Forms. 
    Starting with practice on March 22nd, it is vital that every athlete on the team has an up-to-date physical evaluation form filled out and filed with Final Forms https://michigancity-in.finalforms.com/. If an athlete does not have a physical then he/she will not be able to practice until this documentation is completed and submitted through Final Forms.
    • First practice will be announced. Listen for your school announcements.
    • There is no Athletic Shuttle this year.  Athletes must provide their own rides.
    • Late rides equal cut from events at meets and may result in a Police escort home.  
    Weather will only cancel practice if 1) There is snow accumulation on the actual track  2) There is lightning.
    Otherwise, we practice in the snow, the cold, the wind, the rain, and did I mention the snow.
    Please do not bring anything of value to practice as there is no locker room and everyone's stuff goes in a designated section of bleachers.
    • Home meets will take place at Michigan City High School. 
    • Parent volunteers for meets are most welcome, as well as donations of cases of water for meets. 
    Clothing Attire: 
    1. Running shoes and socks
    2. T-shirt and shorts for warm weather
    3. A long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, hat/gloves for chilly weather. Bring extra warm clothing to layer in a bag designated for track.
    **Cleats are not necessary at the middle school level. Most visitor tracks don't even allow them.
    The Elston track does not provide protection from the weather, so PREPARE with warm clothing at all times.
Last Modified on April 10, 2024