Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • 7th Grade:
    The 7th grade students will spend a grading period learning about land pollution and its negative impacts on the environment. The students will participate in an Adopt-A-Beach field trip where they will pick up litter and perform other beach quality tests. Click here to learn more about the Adopt-A-Beach program.  Air pollution is the topic of  study for the 2nd grading period.
    8th Grade:
    The 8th grade students will be involved in two major projects: 1) water quality testing of the fen wetland located behind Krueger 2) Prairie plot restoration.  Krueger is in the process of setting up the a floating board walk in the wetlands behind the school and it is the 8th graders duty to chemically monitor the quality of the water found in the wetland. A prairie ecosystem has begun to be restored on Krueger's campus and the 8th grade students will continue to monitor and assist in the prairie restoration process.