• Music Class Procedures

    Posted by Laurie Rockensuess on 1/30/2015
    The Indiana Music Standards may be found at www.doe.in.gov/standards/fine-arts-dance-music-theatre-visual-arts
    Music students are expected to move, sing, play instruments and listen to music.
    In music class we use "Five Star Behavior".  The "Five Star Behavior" includes:
    *Enter and Leave the music room quietly
    *Raise your hand to speak
    *Follow directions
    *Show respect to others and our instruments
    *Participate in all classroom activities.
    Classes start each music time with all five stars.  If the class is not exhibiting the behavior for one of the stars, it is taken away.  Each class returns to their regular classroom with a "Five Star" note to their regular classroom teacher.  Classes that keep all five stars are able to put a sticker up on the bulletin board for their class. The class with the most stickers at the end of each month receives a special treat. 
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