• Cost-Saving Tips and Recommendations 

    Due to budget cutbacks, MCAS no longer offers in-house graphics/printing for schools or departments. We realize that using outside vendors for printing and design, however, can be costly. Here are some tips to help schools and departments pinch pennies when it comes to printing...
    1. Don’t print it!

    Ask: Can we live without it? Do students/teachers use it? Could this be a document shared on the web instead? Could we get by with fewer printed copies? Does it really need to be a multi-part form, does it really need to be padded, could we use a generic roll of tickets instead, etc.? 

    2. Print in black and white, at your location

    FACTS about our MCAS laser copiers:

    • Black and white printing costs .0049 cents per page (per side).
    • Color copying costs us .07 per page (per side).

    (This does not include the cost of the paper...just per page cost)


    - If you must have color, consider using b/w type on colored paper instead

    - Get to know your copier! Most of our copiers can print 11 x 17 size pages, card stock, envelopes, and note cards. 

    - Please add our MCAS logo and your website URL to all materials, where possible.

    - Please proofread, proofread, proofread. Ask someone to be a proofreading buddy!

    3. Print in color at your location

    - Before printing in color, however, consider the quantity. It may be less expensive for a local printer to print large quantities of material in color than the 14 cents per two-sided page that it will cost you. 

    4. Send it out for printing.

    - Contact a vendor for design and/or printing.

    - Consider printing at your location but having finishing work done by an outside vendor. (Example: print tickets, have them cut… print booklet pages, have nicer covers printed and booklets stapled… print brochures, have them folded)

    - Remember, this option could take more time. You will need to build additional time into your production schedule, including time for layout, proofing cycle, and delivery.

    - Remember, changes to proofs often mean additional charges. Be sure to provide the most error-free and updated files possible to outside vendors.

Last Modified on November 6, 2015