• Due to budget cutbacks, MCAS no longer provides graphics and printing services from central office. Please see the list below for examples of things that ARE provided to schools/depts. centrally - and what needs to be handled by schools or organizations.

    What MCAS prints centrally

    - Revisions on all district forms (please do NOT make changes to standard/numbered forms)

    - Report card envelopes for elementary (6 x 9 manilla)

    - Discipline referrals elementary/secondary

    - Annual MCAS calendar

    - Permanent records (file folders, test data insert cards, elementary transcript data insert cards)

    - Incident forms (request from Betsy Kohn or Julie Bietry)
    - District Crisis Guides and reference sheets 

    What schools/depts./extracurriculars will need to print on their own or send out to be printed

    - Flyers for distribution to all schools/staff…we will send you a pdf, you print in black and white at your location

    - Programs, tickets, posters for school productions, athletic events, dances, events etc.

    - Business cards - (note: we have a large supply of pre-printed business cards and boxes...you can print info on them)

    - Planners - (First, ask: Do students really use? Is there another way? Can I make this “evergreen” to allow year to year use?)

    - Letterhead (print at your location on template) - available at EducateMC.net/graphics

    - Envelopes (order envelopes for your location and use labels/print addresses directly on them OR send out to be printed)

    - Enrollment packets (printed copies…print from online version)

    - Forms and passes (Note: Most passes have a form number). Print at your location or send out for printing. Consider making forms online or eliminating multi-part and making copies instead.

    - Watermarked letterhead/paper for transcripts and secondary report cards

    - SA-7 and SA-8 forms (consecutively numbered) - consider Boyce Forms or local vendor (Note: no changes should be made to any forms.)

    - Athletic emergency medical file cards

    - Sports physical forms - on website

    - Tardy passes (consider changing procedure to use tardy roster and one part pass)

    - Nurse passes (consider printing at your location, eliminating or sending out for padding)

    What we will no longer do

    - Dress for Success brochures (Accessible online, print color copies at your location if needed. Consider sending home in black and white or narrative list.)

    - Student Handbooks (accessible online only from all school pages and EducateMC.net/graphics)

    - Title 1 Handbooks (accessible online only)

    - Scratch pads (a supply of these is available in Graphics Dept - contact Betsy Kohn to request)

    - Form 223 (Classified/administrative absence) - this can be printed from online

    - Mileage chart and forms - available online

    - Staff calendar for pay dates 

Last Modified on November 6, 2015