e-Learning Day

Today's Date is Monday, May 11, 2020. Here are your assignments for today's E-Learning. I will be available through e-mail at mhannah@mcas.k12.in.us. Do your best and have fun with your learning today! Post something on our Google classroom! I miss you and know you are doing an awesome job! Mrs. Hannah


    E-Learning I Can Statements



    Monday, May 11, 2020


    I Can...

    Identify the main idea.

    Make text to self connections.


    • Listen to Last Day Blues.
    • In the story, the students talk about their favorite memory from that school year.  Make a text to self connection and think about:
    • Your favorite memory this year 
    • An accomplishment you made that you’re proud of

    Work to turn in:

    Nothing to submit

    Word Work/Writing


    I Can...

    I can write routinely over brief time frames and for a variety of tasks, purposes, and audiences


    • Today you are going to complete YOUR STUDENT PAGE in your Class Memory Book.  **This is different than the End of Year Messages Class Book.
    • Go to your Google Classroom and read your teacher’s notes about your Class Memory Book.
    • Follow your teacher’s directions on how to complete YOUR STUDENT PAGE of your Class Memory Book.
    • Have fun writing about second grade memories!

    *****If you are not able to get into your Google Classroom, please make a google doc or write a reflection on paper.

    • On your google doc or paper you will write a paragraph about something you have learned in second grade.  You will write another paragraph about a special memory from second grade.

    Work to turn in:

    You do not need to hand anything in today if you complete your student page in your Google Classroom.

    If you write your memories on paper or a google doc, send that to your teacher when it’s complete.



    I Can...

    Add and Subtract 3 digit numbers.


    Work to turn in:

    Addition/Subtraction Google Form.


    Use the following links to visit the websites for each special.  Assignments will be posted on Monday and need to be completed by Wednesday.