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    BOLD   gracious    accountable   

    PRESENT  connected   JOYFUL   

    RESPONSIBLE   daring  positive   

    selfless    HONEST    diligent   



    respectful    friendly    IMAGINATIVE

    FEARLESS    smart    grateful    CREATIVE

    brave    self-aware    DETERMINED  


  • Meet Ms. Amanda
    Hello! My name is Amanda and I am Pine
    Elementary's Student Success Coach.
    This is my second year in the MCAS school
    district but my FIRST year FULL-TIME in
    one school!

    A little bit about my work:

    I earned my Social Work degree from
    Indiana University in Bloomington,
    Indiana. I have since been able to
    gain working experience in several
    settings. It's always been in my
    nature to meet others where they
    are and care for their needs/growth.
    I will be working with all grades
    K-6, dedicating time to students
    and assisting with their personal
    growth and development. My goal is
    to ensure students and families
    have access to resources and infor-
    mation that will benefit them both
    in-school and out of school. I
    always aim to establish a sense
    of security and safety through
    spreading knowledge on the
    importance of diversity, equity,
    and inclusion among all our students,
    staff, and families.

    Fun Facts:

    My favorite color is YELLOW.
    I love all cats and have two of
    my own.
    If I had to eat two things for
    the rest of my life I would choose:
    Popcorn and Potatoes.
    Coffee is required for Ms. Amanda
    to function.
    I have two nephews and three nieces!!
    In my freetime, I enjoy: makeup, nails,
    hair, driving, parks, photography.
    Enjoy calling Ms. Amanda,
    "Old MacDonald" while you can, my last
    name is changing! :)
Welcome Back!

    1. Text "HOME" to 741 741 to connect to a crisis counselor via text message.
    2. Telling Siri on an iPhone that you have an intent to harm yourself will get you directed to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
    3. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)