eLearning day

eLearning Day February 26, 2020

  • Reading

    I can listen to a story and comprehend what I hear. 

    Listen to the story Roses Are Pink Your Feet Really Stink

    Answer the following questions on a piece of paper

    1. What problem did Gilbert have in the story? 
    2. How did Gilbert solve the problem in the story?
    3. What is the setting of this story?
    4. Write about a time that you made a mistake. Remember to add how it made others feel when you did what did? 

    Part Two

    On a piece of paper write down the answers to these questions

    1.What is a prediction?

    2.What is visualizing?

    1. What is plot? 

    Work on your iReady Reading path and finish one lesson. 

    Work to be turned in answer to the questions. (60 minutes)


    I can... write sentences about a topic and use correct punctuation and capitalization.

    1.  Write answering the follow: Would you rather be a polar bear, shark or an eagle?

    Sentence Starter: I would like to be a _______________________.  

    Then, write 2 sentences to support your choice.

    1.  Check your sentences for capitals, end marks and complete thoughts.

    **Work to be turned in: 3 sentences (30 minutes)


    I can...demonstrate fluency with addition facts and

    corresponding subtraction facts.

    1.  Make a fact family using the numbers 6, 4, 10.
    2.  Make a fact family using the numbers 5, 7, 12.
    3.  Make a fact family using the numbers 3, 8, 11.
    4.  Make a fact family using the numbers 15, 8, 7.
    5.  Make a fact family using the numbers 12, 5, 7.
    6.  Make your own fact family using numbers you choose.


    Log into IReady Math and complete one lesson.

    **Work to be turned in:  Answers to questions 1-6