snow day

E-Learning Day

  • eLearning Day Agenda - 2/13/2020

    • *Gray Day* 

       Math 7



    • I can... determine if figures are similiar.   7.G.2

    • Steps of the Lesson:

      1. Do eLearning warmup in Google Classroom. 
      2. Complete p.226-229 in instruction book. 
      3. Complete p. 241-248 in your PPS Book. (Due Friday)
      4. Make sure you COMPLETE your lessons for I-ready. (Due FRIDAY)

      Work to be turned in: Your Warmup in  Google Classroom immediately for attendance.  Answer the questions for p. 226-229 in your instruction book.  Turn in hard copies of p.241-248 (PPS) when you return to school.  Make sure you have completed your I-ready lessons.



      Email Ms. Holley with any questions that you have.