Thursday February 13th, 2020

    • Go over the calendar including: Day, Month, and Year. Thursday, February 13th 2020
    • Have your child either write or type: Their address and phone number * email or written submission*
    • ~Gym class cardio~ Have your child show you how well they are able to complete this work out, do it with them- it's fun: https://youtu.be/7xCAEbKDNi4
    • I can recognize and demonstrate the appropriate response when welcoming a guest in different social scenarios.
    • On a piece of paper have your student (with or without assistance) write the correct respons or write both and have them draw a line to match the correct response..as follows:
    • What to do: 1. Greet your guest with a smile, handshake, or high five. 2. Ask if you guest would like to put their things like a coat in a safe place. 3. Ask your guest if they would like a drink or snack. 4. Ask your guest where they would be comfortable sitting. 5. Have fun with your guest. Do things you both like. 6.When its time to leave, walk your guest to the door and thank them for coming
    • What to say (match): 1.Hello it's nice to see you. 2. May I take your things? I will put them in the closet. 3. Are you thirsty? would you like a snack? 4. Would you like to sit in the living room? 5. What would you like to do ? what would you like to play? 6. Goodbe thank you for coming over, I had a great time!
    • Practice these scenarios with your student, please write down one scenario that your student did an awesome job doing  *email or written submission*

    *Extra credit: have your child help you make lunch or dinner* email or written submission*

    • Have your child long on: www.clever.com.  Reading for 30 minutes
    • Have your child log on to code.org and do coding for computer class for 45 min
    • Today: Fill out your Valentine cards for tomorrow, if you don't have some get creative and make them!

    *Please make sure your child write’s their name on all of their papers in their best handwriting. 

    • Email me:bjohnson07@mcas.k12.in.us if you have any questions (:
    • Lets put the subject for emails as *E-Learning*