E-Learning Day: Tuesday, November 12

  • Happy Tuesday, Russelltonians!  Here are today's lessons for you to complete. We have music and P.E. today, so make sure you do those assignments. See you all tomorrow! ~~Mr. Russell  

    If you have any questions, please DOJO, email (jrussell@mcas.k12.in.us) , or ask me on Google Classroom though the comments.    

    Greeting - 

    Steps for the activity:

    1. Login to Google Classroom to find the greeting activity for today.  The title is "11/12/19 eLearning Greeting"

    2. Read the directions and answer the question.

    Word to be turned in: Submit the Google Form when done. (5 minutes)



    I can ...locate and use text features within a nonfiction text.     I can ... use text features to gain meaning in a nonfiction text

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Login to Google Classroom to find the reading activity for today. Title:  "eLearning 11/12/19 Reading Text Features"

    2. Once in google classroom there will be a Google Form.  Once you open the Google Form, read the passage about Polar Bear TWO times and then answer the questions.  

    Work to be turned in: Submit your Google Form when you are done. (30 minutes)


    Read to Self:

    I can read text at grade level to help improve my fluency, comprehension, and stamina. 

    Steps of the lesson:

    1. Find a good book to read.  (Can be one from school or one you have at home)
    2. Find a cozy place to read. 
    3. Read for 25 minutes.

    Work to be turned in: None (25 minutes)



    I can ... become more fluent at spelling my spelling words.  See below for how to find your spelling words, if you do not have them at home. 

    Steps of the lesson: 

    1. Go to our Google Classroom site.  Find the assignment titled: "11/12/19 - eLearning Spelling Sentences"
    2. You will type each spelling word in a sentence.  Each sentence needs to be at least 6 words long, have correct capitalization and punctuation, and make sense. If for some reason the document will not work, you can type them in the comments or write them on paper.  

    How to find your Spelling Words:

    1. Look in your folder from yesterday OR
    2. Find your spelling words on Spelling City. Find the list with your name and click on it.  You do not need to log in to Spelling City, just click on the link. The activity is done on Google Classroom.  If you have trouble, please contact me! 

    Work to be turned in:  When you are finished with your assignment, turn in the Google Doc. (15 minutes)



    I can ... solve real-world problems that are two steps by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division

    1.  Go to our Google Classroom and open the assignment titled: "11/12/19 - eLearning Math Two Step Story Problems”

    2. Read all the problems and answer them.  Take your time and show your work on scrap paper.  

    Work to be turned in: Submit the Google Form when you are done. (30 minutes)  



    I can ... respond to reading while using complete sentences, correct punctuation, capitalization, and word choice.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  Log in to Google Classroom  and open the writing assignment titled: "elearning 11/12/19 Writing"  

    2. You will be responding to a writing prompt about the Polar Bear passage we read in Reading.  

    Work to be turned in: Submit the Google Form when done (25 minutes)



    I can... participate in iReady lessons designed for my ability.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1.  work 20 minutes in iReady on Math

    2.  work 20 minutes in iReady on Reading

    Please message me if you don't remember your username or password.

    Work to be turned in:  iReady minutes (I will see this on the report) (40 minutes)


     We do MUSIC AND P.E. for specials today! 

    MUSIC  (Tuesday, Thursday)


    GYM  (Tuesday, Thursday)


    ART  (Wednesday)