• Welcome to Our Class
    Greetings! I look forward to helping your child grow as an artist during this school year. Visual art is a way to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings using a variety of materials.  I enjoy seeing children discover how to use art materials to tap into their own creativity. It is my hope to help each child discover how creativity is a form of problem-solving that is useful well beyond art class, in the STEM subjects, and in everyday life. I vividly remember when I began to discover my own artistic skills in junior high school, but I hope your child will not have to wait that long!  It is my hope that the artworks displayed on our class webpage--and those your child brings home--will help tell the story of our class! Please enjoy the selection of photos from this year's arts activities in the changing slide show below! 
     D Grams with GoPro Lake Hills Art on Display at the MCAS Administration Building Drawing at Badlands 2018
    Meet the Teacher
    I began teaching art to elementary-age children  in the 1990s as director of The Peace Museum in Chicago. In addition to exhibitions and events providing peace education through the arts, we developed an arts curriculum to teach peace-making and conflict resolution skills. With the support of the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Polaroid Corporation, we developed the curriculum that was implemented in Chicago Public Schools.  I have a BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University in Bloomington and an MA and Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago.  My husband and I have owned a home in Michigan City for over twenty years. I have exhibited my paintings in galleries in Chicago, Philadelphia, Anchorage, and elsewhere in the US as well as in South America.  In addition to spending time at galleries and museums, we love to go mountain biking.
  • Contact me at:
    Email: dgrams@mcas.k12.in.us
    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2105 ext. 6654