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    Homework will be given four nights a week on Monday through Thursday. My expectation is that homework is completed each night and returned to school the next day. Typically there will be 2-3 items assigned of homework and 20 minutes of reading. In addition, if an assignment is not finished in class, it will need to be finished at home. If homework is not completed on time, a lunch detention will be given to finish the work.  All homework assigned will be a review of something taught that day or previously. I would also encourage that flashcards become a routine at least 3 times a week. Spelling words will come home on Monday with a test on Friday. 


    Classroom Behavior


    On Monday, each student will receive a behavior sheet. If the student breaks a rule or proceduere, he/she will have to mark off a letter grade. If the student keeps an A or B all week, he/she will receive a small treat on Friday. There will also be celebrations monthly for those students that receive an A in behavior all month. 

    Weekly Specials


    Tuesday- Music


    Thursday- Gym



    Indiana State Standards




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