e-Learning Day

eLearning Day Agenda

  • E-Learning- 9/30/2019

    English Language Arts

    Lesson Goals:

    I can...write a narrative composition about an original hero that follows the Hero's Journey Archetype.

    I can...organize event sequence that unfolds naturally and logically, using a variety of transition words to convey sequence and signal shifts from one time frame or setting to another.

    I can...use narrative techniques, such as dialogue, pacing, and imagery to develop experiences, events, and characters. 



    *Always check our Google Classroom page and look for assignments under the topic "E-Learning" with the day's date. *
    Steps of the lesson
    1. Go to Google Classroom.

    2. Click the “classwork” tab on the top bar.

    3. Locate the E-Learning topic section and find the assignment for today (9/30).

    4. Your job is to continue your five paragraph Hero's Journey essay using all of the tools we have given you in class (imagery examples, narrative techniques, Hero's Journey steps, transition words, tone/mood word list, etc.).

    6. Your Road of Trials/Rising Action (2nd paragraph) and Climax (3rd paragraph) need to be complete. 

    7. When you are done, you need to work on your 45 minute requirement on I-Ready Reading. You will be graded on minutes this week, and we won’t have class time any other day. 

     Prewriting DUE DATE: Thursday, October 3rd.

    TURN IN:


    *Turn in the assignment labeled “E-Learning 9/30” after above steps are completed. 

    *If you do not hit the turn in button with your completed work, you will be counted absent for today.

    *Do NOT  forget to hit the "Turn In" button on Google Classroom


    Please EMAIL Mrs. Foltz and Mrs. Hekter for any questions on your assignments! 

    If you are in a class with Mrs. Hekter as the teacher, please check her page as well!