E- Learning Day 09-21-20

E-Learning Day Monday 10-14-2020

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    10/14/20 E-Learning Day

    Please go to your grade level and complete your assignments


    Directions: Go to See Saw and complete the activitiy for October 14th.

    1. Count and Write the numbers  Standard: I can count and write numbers.


     1st Grade and 2nd Grade

    Go to see saw and complete the  activity for October 14th. 

    1. Fall Addition. Standard: I can add single digit numbers.


    6th Grade 

    Go to the see saw app and complete the two activities for September 21st.

    How to get to the see saw app: 

    Type seesaw.com in Google search

    Choose I'm a student

    You have to join my google classroom (Mrs. Zaknoun)

    Sign in with google classroom

    Click on your name

    complete the assignments

    1. Reading/Writing: compare what Jeremy, the main character, "wants" with what he actually "needs." Standard: I can compare and contrast.

    2. Math: Multiplication -Standard:I can complete double digit multiplication problems.