• General Information

    Our Mission, beliefs, and school pledge

    Our Mission

    The vision of Edgewood Elementary is for all students to achieve academic excellence, promoting integrity and civil responsibility through a system distinguished by:

    • Strong family and community involvement

    • A safe, healthy, and respectful learning environment

    • Collaborative and supportive staff (and)

    • A culturally, competent curriculum that perpetuates a diverse learning experience


    We believe that all children…

    • Can learn and take ownership of their learning
    • Will learn in a positive environment that is safe, healthy, respectful, and caring
    • Will display good citizenship and achieve their personal best
    • Learn from a relevant, standards-based curriculum
    • Learn when provided clearly articulated expectations and goals


    Student Pledge:
    Today is a new day!
    I will act in a safe and healthy way.
    I will treat all property with respect.
    I will take responsibility for my learning.
    Today I will be the best me I can be!