• Welcome to Fifth Grade!

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    Dear Families,
    Welcome to my class.  Below are the classroom behavior and homework policies for our fifth grade class.  For updates, on our monthly topics, please read the Pine News.

    Behavior and Discipline Policy

    It is a requirement to have Class Dojo either as an app on your phone or a login on the computer to stay in touch with me and to see your child’s daily strengths and weaknesses for behavior.  I will post pictures and videos on our class story page to keep you all informed as well as send daily or weekly class reminders.

    Our class will have a behavior plan that starts with a push in from another staff member or Mr. Huber or Mrs. Stachowiak to help them get back on track.  Students could also be sent to a buddy room or chill zone for a break.  However, sometimes referrals are needed or we need to try some of the listed possible consequences.  These are:  

    • The child will lose privileges 
    • The child and/or teacher will call home to inform parents of the problem or issue
    • The child will be sent to the office to speak with Mr. Huber or Mr. Maesch, upon which one of them will determine how the child should be disciplined
    • The child will be sent to the office to speak with the school counselor, Mr. Schena upon which he will determine how the child should be disciplined
    • Conference with teacher 

    If those consequences do not correct the behavior, the student will be sent to the EAP room with a referral. 

    Hitting, kicking, fighting, spitting on others, disrespect toward staff, and the use of profanity will not be tolerated and immediate action will be taken including an office referral.

    Homework and Late Work Policy for 5th Grade

    A large part of transitioning into 5th grade is the requirement of added responsibility on the student .

    To assist you and your family in understanding and preparing for this leap of responsibility and accountability, we have outlined our rules and expectations to ensure that fairness, equality, and understanding are at the root of our policy for homework and late work.  

    Homework will be assigned in the form of Must Do/May Do packets that are given on Monday and due on Friday.  Students will have approximately 45 minutes for reading and math time to complete the work in class.  Any work not completed will become homework.  The goal is for students to not have nightly homework.

    Please expect to check over your student’s class work at home Monday-Thursday to ensure that your child meets the standards and expectations for 5th grade. 

    The following will not be accepted and will either be handed to redo or be given a 0:

    • Work being completed by another person (parent, friend, sibling)
    • Work that is torn, stained, ripped, or unable to be deciphered 
    • Work that has been rushed through without heeding the directions provided. 
    • Work where evidence of cheating is easily obtainable. 
    • Work left at home or lost or “not having enough time” to complete. 
    • Requests for your child to complete their late or absent homework in class (this is learning time!)

    Late/Missing Work:

    Exceptions will be made for excused absences and work will be in the absent work basket or on their desk when they return. It will be up to your child to grab the work from the basket.  Work is expected back at school in as many school days as your child missed. (If they missed 4 days, their work is due back on their 4th school day back.)

    If your child missed 1 school day, their work is due back the day after they return. Every day work is late, your student will lose 10% up to 50% off.  After that point, all work will receive a 0%.

    Homework is due at 3:00 on Friday when the bell rings to go home.  Students may sign up for help if needed if they didn’t understand the previous night’s homework and it WON’T be counted late.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask by either sending a note, phone call, or email.

    Daily Needs
    Please make sure your student has their text books, computer charged, headphones, homework, folder, notebooks, pencils and erasers daily.  Please check regularly to make sure that your student does have the necessary supplies as some of them are consumable and may need to be replaced throughout the school year. If you need help with any of these supplies, please just let me know so I can help out.  
  • Meet the Teacher
    Mrs. P with pig sculpture
     Hi!   I am Mrs. Palleschi, fifth grade teacher.   Aside from fifth grade, I have also taught third and kindergarten.  I am a graduate of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.  In June 2011, I earned my Master's degree in Literacy Studies from Concordia University in Portland, OR.  I am licensed to teach kindergarten through eighth grade self contained and sixth through eighth grade language arts.  I can also teach social studies for sixth through eighth grade in Michigan.
    For hobbies, I enjoy reading, photography and scrapbooking.  I truly enjoy writing and love to share that love with my students.  I believe writing is a great way for students to express themselves and expand their reading abilities.