E-Learning March 30th-April 3rd, 2020

  • Music 

    Every Pine Panther.

    Inspriational/ motivational music link;

    This song was requested by a 3rd grade student from Ms. VanTine's class.

    Share with me a motivational video of you singing or on youtube. email to:


    Kindergarten; I can sing on pitch, 

    1. Click on the link and sing along with the video

    Work to turn in: do the movements with the song

    2. On second music day, Click on this link and sing along with the video.

    Work to turn in: do the movements with the song


    Grade 1-6

    I can .. go do the musical activity in the music cloud. 

    I can;(sing on pitch)(read music) (rhythm) (instrument identification) (evaluating music).


    Steps of Lesson;

    1. Click on the link and work with in the music first junior cloud.

    2. Please go to the music first junior web page and log in. Make sure you use your username then music for the password.

    3.Do the activity. Make sure you finish the activity all the way to the end . Then hit the done button, do not hit the close button because the activity is not finish until you click the done button. It will be completed when the dot is green next to the activity in the cloud. If your dot is yellow or red, you must do the activity again.

    3. Grade 6; go to the link above. You are to Clap and count each song. Name the letter names of notes on a separte piece of paper and take a pencil and finger the notes and pretend to play song. When we return, I will expect you to be able to play these songs.

    Work to be turned in: I will see the report of the finished activity.

    Chorus sad to say this show will be done spring of 2021. Sorry 6th grade. I will miss you dearly.