Class of 2014

"We're the best you have ever seen. We are the class of 2014!"
 Class Officers
 Top Row: Our sponsors (left to right) Mrs. Cleveland and Mrs. Gresham
Middle Row: Cris Galvan- Class Representative 
Middle Row: Lizzie Smith and Skyler Bailey- Representatives
Amanda Yadavia- Secretary (Center)
 Bottom Row: Erik Stevenson- Vice President and Erin Callaghan- President   
To find out about any activities, meetings, or fundraisers that are planned, go to the "Calender" and the "News" page, and you can find out all the information and dates you need to know to get involved. We hope to see you participating, and making the Class of 2014 the best!

Welcome to the Michigan City High School Class of 2014 website! Here you will find all the things you need to know about the class of 2014's Steering Committee. I hope you take a few seconds to get the feel of our new site. To make it easier for you, I will tell you what information will be in each page of the website. I hope this website will be used to your advantage!
  • Class of 2014: This page is the homepage of our website.
  • About Us: This page has the most information on it. This page is designated to tell you what the class of 2014 is about and who our class officers are.
  • News: Here in the news page, you will find all the important news and announcements from the officers. You can go here to see when the next meeting is, or to find other reminders on class activities. This page will help you tremendously in knowing what is going on in Steering Committee.
  • Pictures: Here you will find an assortment of photos.
  • Meeting Minuets: Here you will see what went on during our Steering Committee meetings.  
President- Erin Callaghan
Vice President- Erik Stevenson
 Secretary- Amanda Yadavia
Representatives- Cris Galvan, Lizzie Smith, and Skyler Bailey